Demand for Young Learner programmes (YLP) are becoming increasingly popular. Birmingham College has expanded its provision to include international educational programmes in this sector. These programmes bring in a new dimension of educational activities that combine educational, cultural and recreational components, which all complement school education. The Programme themes and activities are delivered to in include subjects such as reading, storytelling, speaking, social skills, living values, art and culture, computer, crafts, and lots of fun sports activities etc. All activities help to stimulate the child’s growth.

Our YLP truly allows juniors to benefit from experiencing life in the UK, understand different cultures and familiarise themselves with the British education system. The programme also increases their awareness and knowledge about the global world and the importance of inter-cultural communication.

Birmingham College will provide you with a bespoke programme that meets your specific requirements be it age, date, fee, length of stay, course contents etc. So If you are interested in arranging a visit to the UK for your students or would like to apply for the YLP, please contact the college at for further information.

What are the aims of the YLP?

Objective :

To offer young learner programmes that will provide children with the opportunities to embrace new learning challenges and showcase their true potential by developing their life - long skills.


  • Broaden their horizons
  • Promote various forms of academic, physical, recreational creative activities that will require them to “think outside the box” and be more innovative in their approaches and methods to learning.
  • Support towards becoming more responsible & independent individuals and developing social skills.
  • Provide global insight and international experiences that will teach them a new perspective in life.
  • Building a positive attitude towards teambuilding and collaboration skills.
  • Enhance communication skills amongst one another and help to create confident charismatic and bright personalities.


How do we make sure your children enjoy their programme?

The YLP programme will strive to deliver a broad range of activities and experiences for your child. These activities will range from team games, arts workshops, skill spots, sports coaching. Whenever possible the latest and most up-to-date equipment is used

All activities are adapted to cater for all skill levels ensuring everyone can join in equally regardless of ability. When necessary children will be grouped according to age, weather permitting some activities may be outdoors.


What measures have we enforced to safeguard your children?

We regard our children’s safety as a top priority; all Birmingham College employees working on the YLP are carefully recruited with thorough checks by the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).

Right from the first stage of applying you will have access to coordinators in your home country that will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the camp, planned activities, policies and procedures. They will also accompany your child to the UK.

Once your child arrives in the UK they will be received by Birmingham College UK camp coordinators who will be responsible for their safety throughout their stay with us in the UK. We also have an appointed Academic Tutor, Student Welfare Officer & Child Protection officer.

All throughout the camp we will follow the OFSTED guidelines: 5-7yrs 1:8, 8yrs and above 1:14 ratio. At each centre that the YLP will be delivered we will comply with the centres Health & Safety Regulations.

So you can rest assured that your child will be in safe hands.


How will we look after your child?

All activities in the YLP are structured to provide maximum interest and motivation for all children, consequently keeping any behavior problems to a bare minimum.

In order to keep YLP activities enjoyable for all, we expect the children to be polite, courteous and co-operative to staff and other children. Distractions such as toys, phones and personal belongings must not be brought to an activity. If these items cause a distraction they will be taken away from the child and will be returned at the end of the day.

In the odd event of unacceptable behaviour we will take the following actions:

  • Parents will be contacted if it's an urgent matter otherwise will be reported at the end of the camp.
  • Unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with fairly and with sensitivity.
  • We will not tolerate any bullying or incidents involving harassment and the staff will act appropriately to deal with the incident.
  • All children will be informed during camp induction about how to report bullying and harassment and they will be encouraged to talk to staff about any incidents of bullying or harassment.
  • If the bad behaviour continues after the warnings it may result in your child being removed from the activity. In extreme cases we will have to arrange for the student to leave the camp and immediate arrangements will be made with the parents. Children with persistent unacceptable behaviour may be excluded from all future programmes at Birmingham College.


How can I register for the YLP?

Follow the link which will give you a step by step guidance on how to apply. On this link you will also be able to download the Camp Brochure and parent information pack and relevant forms to register for the camp.

YLP Application Pack


What should you do if you need to tell us about your child’s specific needs?

Birmingham College is committed to increasing opportunities for all children to participate in our YLP and the activities it offers. If your child requires 1:1 care or requires administration of medication they must contact the Camp Coordinator for further information.

A meeting will be set up between the UK camp coordinator and the camp manger that will carry out the assessment. A discussion about your child’s needs, availability of resources to meet any special requirements before booking will be agreed if it is possible.

Parents/carers will be required to complete detailed medicals information forms and appropriate consent forms prior to the meeting.


We work with many international and local schools to extend their current day camp activities to international camps to the UK, an exciting opportunity for students to experience and enrich their knowledge. We also provide our partners with the opportunity to host our local students in their home countries, helping the school widen participation and internationalisation.

If you are a school who wishes to work with us and make these programmes available for your students then please contact the college at for more information. We welcome any new institutes to join our family and will provide you with all the help and support you need.

Programme Title: Delivery Months:
Summer Camp June – August
Winter Camp August – March
Half Term Camp March - June
Exchange Camp Anytime
Young Talent Programme Anytime
Social & Cultural Awareness Programme Anytime
6- 18 year olds

Theme 1 Theme 2
Environmental Awareness
Go Globally Green!
Arts & Crafts
Cooking Camp
Music & Instruments
Fitness & Sports
Equestrian Training

Arts & Crafts

The program provides an introduction to the basic aspects of art including the traditional colour theory, colour wheel, colour schemes, colour combination and application of all of the above in different types of painting techniques. It also addresses the practice of free hand drawing and sketching. This intensive introduction to art will allow students to practice how to interpret different artistic works through videos of famous artists and visits to local art museums.


Fitness & Sports

Sports camp will promote physical activity, self-confidence and self–esteem as well as enhancing teamwork and sportsmanship while having fun. Young Learners who are looking to be introduced to sports or to refine and master sports-specific skills will participate in a variety of recreational sports activities and competitions in a safe and well supervised environment.



The Young Scientists Camp aims to arouse students’ curiosity and enthusiasm for science by engaging in hands-on educational activities. The camp provides an environment where young learners discover that science is fun and interesting. It encourages active learning through investigation, experimentation, play and demonstration. Students will learn about physics, chemistry, mathematics, robotics, biology, earth and space science concepts.



The Chef will lead a young brigade of cooks through a curriculum designed to include all aspects of cooking and baking. Using demonstrations and small group stations, children will get hands-on experience cooking with fresh, local ingredients creating dishes from around the world.



Dancing is about discovery, learning the discipline of dance strengthens the body and the mind but most of all it makes you happy very important part of every child’s development. It teaches children many different skills including posture, rhythm, coordination, interaction with others, emotional expression and more, it’s not just about learning steps and keeping fit. It can develop a child's mind and learning skills and has proven to have a very positive effect on growth and development through their early years.


Environmental Awareness

A blend of activities centred on the exploration of environmental concerns. Campers will gain interest in the conservation and preservation of our planet and beyond. Daily outdoor activities and explorations both locally and on weekly field trips will help campers learn hands-on about how to become more environmentally-minded.

Activities will incorporate environmental discussions and arts and crafts using products directly from the natural environment and man-made recycled materials. Creative recreation is scheduled to keep campers healthy and active while also enjoying nature hikes, collecting specimens and participating in sculpture and moulding projects. This camp is for the inquisitive camper who is looking to gain knowledge about the world we live in. Be prepared to have lots of conversations about our planet and beyond.


Music & Instruments

Children will benefit from social interactions with peers while gaining an appreciation for music by learning songs, playing instruments, parachutes and participating in marching bands. Children will develop their inner musician by singing and playing rhythm instruments along with fun interactive songs. From the opening sing-along to the free movement dance and instrumental rhythm songs, your child will be led on a musical exploration that will leave them singing, smiling and tapping their toes.



This programme develops children as future leaders, be it within a family environment with siblings, parents or their peer groups, larger communities it teaches them how to strengthen their leadership skills such as confidence, integrity, motivations, courage, determinations, hard work and immense commitment. It also allows them the chance to test their beliefs and principles. All traits that are excellent examples for their peers and admirers.


Equestrian Training

The camp provides the perfect environment for horse lovers. Our camp is designed to provide a "hands on" experience for youths wanting to learn more about horses, horse care, and riding techniques. Their daily duties include morning feeding, brushing, cleaning out hooves, saddling, riding lessons, bathing, braiding mane and cleaning your horse's stall. We believe that a developing rider should be able to learn as much as possible about horses and the different ways they are used. Our methods of teaching riding enable students to experience success in graduated steps, promoting their self-esteem and confidence.


British History

Students will go on an exciting journey through time to explore the change and developments in the British History. It will allow students to walk through Roman, Anglo-Saxon and Viking times in the UK, Life in Tudor Times, a look into Victorian Britain and the developments in Britain since 1930. It will provide an opportunity to discover the day to day life of men, women and children in different societies over the ages, discover the changes in industry, transport, education and lifestyles. A great, fun programme that will help students to discover Britain.


All camps can also include cultural visits and excursions to the following UK attractions:

Capital City London:

Capital City London:
Buckingham Palace
10 Downing Street
Household Cavalry Museum
Houses of Parliament
Westminster Abbey
London Eye
Tower of London
London Bridge
The British History Museum
Natural History Museum



Cadbury Chocolate Factory
Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
National Exhibition Centre
National Indoor Arena
Sea Life Centre
Birmingham City Football Stadium
Black Country Museum
Symphony Hall
Birmingham City Library
German Christmas Markets (seasonal)
Warwick Castle
Dudley Zoological Park




Manchester Football Stadium
Old Trafford Shopping Centre
Royal Exchange Theatre
The Manchester Museum
Imperial War Museum North
People’s History Museum
Manchester Cathedral
Manchester Central Library
Heaton Park



Albert Docks
Liverpool Tate Museum
Liverpool Town Hall
Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
Anfield Stadium
Merseyside Maritime Museum
The Beatles Museum
Museum of Liverpool
Echo Wheel of Liverpool
Sefton Park



Oxford University – Colleges
Ashmolean Museum
University Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers
Oxford University Press Museum
Museum of the History of Science
Museum of Oxford
Bodleian Library
Bury Knowle Park
Oxford Paddling



Cambridge University – colleges
Fitzwilliam Museum
The Orchard Tea Garden
Imperial War Museum Duxford
The River Cam
Sedgwick Museum of Geology
Cambridge Arts Theatre


Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford Upon Avon
Shakespeare’s Birthplace
Mary Arden Farm
Anne Hathaway Cottage
Royal Shakespeare Theatre
Bancroft Gardens
Hall’s Croft
The MAD Museum



Coventry Cathedral
Coventry Transport Museum
Holy Trinity Church
Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
Lady Godiva Statue
Midlands Air Museum


Residential/ Hotel


We can also provide you the opportunity to experience the luxuries of a four star hotel accommodation with the safety and support of Birmingham College’s Welfare Officer who will be there to look after, advise and supervise the students for the duration of their stay in the UK.

Students will be placed in twin rooms / triple rooms with the maximum of three students per room. The rooms will have separate beds, a joint toilet and shower facilities.



Full continental English breakfast


Packed Lunch: Sandwich / baguettes / with a fruit + crispy + cake + drink or Hot Lunch: Chips / Pasta / Pizza / Burger + Salad + Cake + Drink


A full three course dinner with starter, main and dessert


Option 1: 2 weeks

13 nights & 14 days

Option 2: 4 weeks

27 nights & 28 days

Option 3: 8 weeks

55 nights & 56 days


If you are enquiring for a programme duration which is not stated above please the college for further information.

We are delighted that you are considering applying to the YLP at Birmingham College. To make it as easy for you as possible we have provided you with step by step instructions below.

Step 1:

Programme Brochure
Parents Information Pack
Terms & Conditions of Application

Step 2:

Application Form
Pastoral Care Form
Parents Travel Consent Form
School Agreement

Step 3:

Departures Information
What to pack – Checklist

If you are a school who would like to work in partnership to promote student exchanges then please send your details to We would be very happy to provide you with further information regarding our arrangements.